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Stand-Alone Solar Investment Map: Sierra Leone
  Sierra Leone: SAS Investment Highlights Sierra Leone’s SAS sector received ~USD42m from 2016-19 To...
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Stand-Alone Solar Investment Map: Nigeria
  Nigeria: SAS Investment Highlights  The standalone solar (SAS) sector in Nigeria has grown significantly....
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Stand-Alone Solar Investment Map: Ethiopia
Ethiopia: SAS Investment highlights Almost 90% of funding has come through the USD 45M Market...
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Energy Africa – Ethiopia Refreshed Compact 2021
  The “Refreshed” Energy Africa Ethiopia Compact updates the Energy Africa Ethiopia Compact, which was...
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For local manufacturing to create jobs in Africa, governments need to look beyond standard incentives
In March 2020, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa brought with it a...
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Nigeria: Stand-Alone Solar Market Study – Private Sector and Investor Insights
  A rapidly growing market  Nigeria’s population is estimated at 201 million,1 of which 77...
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June 2021 Bulletin: Foreword
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The Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility (ACE TAF) is delighted to feature in this...
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Standards adoption: A critical first step
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The challenge of poor-quality products continues to threaten growth as more consumers embrace off-grid solutions....
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