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According to ESMAP, on the current trajectory, 230 million people will not have access to electricity by 2030. Out of this figure, 112 million will be left behind due to affordability constraints. Yet, 2030 is fast-approaching, and some of the gains made through off-grid electrification are being eroded by the Covid-19 pandemic. A survey done during these unprecedented times shows that some households are cutting back on food to make payments for their pay-as-you-go solar systems.

Now more than ever, the off-grid sector must ensure that the most vulnerable populations are not left behind. Governments, donors, and the private sector need to come together to address the affordability gap. Demand side subsidies is one of the policy tools that will be needed for all countries to ensure their most vulnerable populations gain access to electricity.

It is against this background that ACE TAF will host a webinar: Demand Side Subsidies are required to make solar products affordable on 23rd September 2020 at 2.30pm (East Africa Time). The webinar will engage experts working to increase electricity access for vulnerable population segments in Africa.


To receive a link to attend the webinar register HERE

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